It’s me, Lorna!

My name is Lorna Nelson. I live in a vinyl-sided house with two elderly cats on about an acre in central North Carolina, a nice place to be if conservative politicians hellbent on fracking and preventing civil rights for gays don’t rankle you. I am an online graduate student of English at NSULA. I wish I had more time to take courses this way at NSULA because it has been a surprisingly fulfilling experience. Wonderful professors, wonderful students, and how I do love the material. I’ve just finished reading Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell and Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain, two memoirs of the macho world of professional cooking that are just about to make me give up restaurant eating; I’ve actually just posted something on Wikipedia (I keep waiting for the thought police to show up and demand the credentials that permit such a speech act by one so hesitant to speak to the world); and I’m up to my ears in the early writers of Louisiana fiction. I love it all!

Just as I got used to it, it was over. (My probable epitaph)


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