Umm . . . What are we spoze to do with this again?

I am going to use this blog to be much less serious than usual about academic work because if you can’t have fun playing with a blog, what’s the world coming to? This is a fantastic assignment so far, and I am really excited about learning to use WordPress. I hope to explore most or all of the free features. Another thing I want to learn how to do this semester is to make some of my class assignments available under the Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons Logo


It’s not that I think my assignments are all that, but I really support the concept of sharing and collaborating on many sorts of creative work, including student assignments. (I teach community college developmental reading and writing in NC.) I also have a Google website I want to use for my business and for teaching that I’d like to work on if that can be incorporated somehow this semester. (I coach and tutor college students with dyslexia and/or ADHD–anyone who learns in their own totally awesome, unique way, for example.)

Thanks for reading this post! Good luck this semester! Don’t you find exclamation points and other punctuation addictive when you’re sleep deprived???!!!


1 thought on “Umm . . . What are we spoze to do with this again?”

  1. Not just when I’m sleep deprived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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